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Meet cast & crew

My Other Closet: the cabaret

the cast & crew

Each individual involved in this production bring industry experience, and either their own experience of domestic or family violence, or experience in supporting a friend or loved one. This personal passion and sensitivity for the subject is vital in making this a truly successful production.

Russell Vickery, 

Performer & Survivor Advocate

Rusty brings his decades of experience  as a freelance vocal artist, performing for clubs, pubs, and major LGBTIQ events, as well as the entirety of his personal experience with intimate partner violence to his role as Lead Performer.

Daryl Wallis,

Musical Director & Pianist

"Dazzla" (as lovingly referred to by the rest of the cast and crew) is an accomplished composer, keyboard musician, vocal coach and musical director. He has been involved in a large number and large variety of Australian and international musical productions spanning theatre, film, TV, and most notably cabarets for decades. He brings all this experience to the role of Musical Director. 

Contact Daryl by clicking HERE

Matthew Parsons, Director/Producer

To the role of Producer/Director, Matt brings a decade's industry experience producing various LGBTQ performing arts events, their professional experience providing education to family violence services as Manager, Education and Strategic Development at Rainbow Health Australia, and their own personal experience with domestic violence.

Contact Matthew by clicking HERE

Jessica Murphy,


Jess brings her years of experience working in theatre & TV and her skills as a clinical psychologist to her role as Dramaturge.

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Other key contributors: 

(click names to contact)‚Äč 

Regrette Etcetera - original theatrical script writing

Ces Busby - early dramaturge development

Robert Knapman - early project development 

                              & promotional photography 

Micah Scott - promotional material graphic design