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February 7th - 7pm

February 8th - 12pm

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Shining a light on the dark side of the rainbow..

Described as “moving”, “brave” and “wonderful”, My Other Closet, the Cabaret is Russ’s true, first-hand account of his journey to domestic violence survivor.

Russ, a father of three now in his 50s, takes us on a musical journey through the story of his life. It begins in Melbourne’s gay clubs in the 70s, follows Russ through a 17-year straight marriage, then sees him coming out of the closet and into his first same-sex relationship—a relationship marred by extreme physical violence and emotional abuse.

Through powerful storytelling and re-workings of classic pop songs, it dispels the myths surrounding DV, especially in same sex and gender diverse (LGBTQ) relationships. One part entertainment, one part education and awareness campaign, this production gives powerful and moving insight to the causes of domestic violence and how to end it.

Watch a sneak preview of the show!

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